Lid Association for Qualitative Research UK (AQR)

Qualitative research provides an unparalleled understanding of the motivations behind human behaviour, desires and needs. In the UK, the principal authority on the qualitative research industry is the Association for Qualitative Research celebrating its 35 years.

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Klaus van den Berg
Klaus van den Berg BV

Klaus van den Berg works in market research, strategy and trends for companies, public authorities, NGOs and charities in ad-hoc projects and as an interim manager at the client side.

AQR Membership
Klaus has been a Member of the AQR since May 2015.

Notable achievements and contributions
1991 Graduated University of Amsterdam, International Relations
1991 First qualitative job at Schreuders, Petrescu & Partners
2008 Global assessment ‘Qualitative Revolution’, HQ BAT, London, UK
2012 The revolution of the iSociety Dutch Ministry of the Interior
2013 The New Pioneering Municipality of Almere, Netherlands
2014 Represented as public speaker by The Speaker’s Academy

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