Trend speech ‘The return to Pop’ | 2016 And Beyond

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8 speakers about their trends & foresights

2-4pm Winners TWOTY Awards 1516: the Trendwatcher, the Trend Forecaster, the Futurist + the Upcoming Talent of the year

4pm Break

4.30pm How to organise your future – the way to the next FUTURE PROOF businessmodel….by Dieuwertje Damen of Rainbow Collection

4.50pm On Singularity – What about the fusion of Mankind and technology? An update by Alix Rübsaam

5pm The Return of Pop, door Klaus van den Berg

5.20pm We are making the future. And how? About circles and the nature of our nature….

5.40pm Closing by Andrea Wiegman

6pm Drinks at Brandt & Levie in the sausage factory!

Venue: Maakplaats HEM, Nieuwe Hemweg 2, 1013 BG Amsterdam
Drinks: Brandt & Levie, Archangelkade 19, 1013 BE Amsterdam

Tickets 150 Euro, including drinks & #42 of SecondSight about stars and a special edition of 2016 And Beyond.

Do join us – this edition you don’t want to miss!

Andrea Wiegman
+31(0)6-1213 4789

Trendwatcher Of The Year (TWOTY) Awards 1516



The Trendwatcher Of The Year Awards 2015/2016
‘Innovating with Visions & Trends for 2016 And Beyond’

This week the TrendWatcher Of The Year Awards (TWOTY Awards) are presented for the sixth time. This year the event will be held at the Accenture Innovation Awards in Utrecht on Friday 30 October from 9 to 11 a.m. Please book your free places quickly as we have limited capacity.

The organisation of the TWOTY Awards encourages a broader and more open view of the future and this means that we are always on the look-out for new visions in the field of trends and possible futures. The TWOTY Awards are organised by SecondSight, an institute at which trendwatchers, trend forecasters and futurists share their visions and ideas about the future. What will be important over the next few years and why? And which developments are relevant to 2016 And Beyond? An independent jury of communication and marketing specialists, strategists and innovation experts review the documents submitted to them and examine which trends and visions of the future are relevant and why. On which developments could and should business and government focus?

Innovating and working on the future are goals that we increasingly hear about. ‘More people than ever before are working on innovation and are thus working on the future’, says Andrea Wiegman, initiator of the TWOTY Awards, ‘but the future is more complex than it may seem at first glance. And innovating without a vision or an idea about trends can be counterproductive. We believe that it is vital to place several visions side by side to allow people to develop their own vision.’

The nominees for TWOTY1516 are:
- Trendwatcher of the Year – Jacqueline Wolfs, Sander Duivestein and Guido van de Wiel
- Trend Forecaster of the Year – Truus Dokter, Carlos Cuellar Brown and Yang Design
- Futurist of the Year – Rachel Armstrong and Justien Marseille 
- Upcoming Talents – Delany Boutkan, Steven van den Haak, Sanne Visser and Silvia Naber

‘You cannot innovate without a vision of the future, according to Wiegman. ‘The fact is that you have to know what is trending in a certain society if you want to know what to work on or what to develop in the next few years. And the same is true vice versa: trends are valuable only if words are put into action. Now is the time to approach the future in practical terms and to link vision development to innovation. That is why I present the TWOTY at the Accenture Innovation Awards this year. And of course it is the perfect occasion for a party as well. We are celebrating thinking about the future. Market and trend researcher Klaus van den Berg will play his TWOTY Nu-Disco playlist. We start off the day with a glass of champagne to toast the many futures that are currently being made!’

Read more about the nominees, the jury process and the TWOTY Awards. For more information about the TWOTY’s 2015-2016, the nominees or if you would like to attend the TWOTY Awards, please phone or email Andrea Wiegman – or +31 (0)6 4892 6019.

Social media: @TWOTYs #TWOTY1516 #2016AndBeyond @SecondsightNL


Keynote speaker 600minutes CMO / Management Events

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On September 30th I presented as a keynote speaker on the closed event 600minutes of Management Events. Big thanks for the invite to Daphne Leung of Management Events Netherlands.

Dutch Generations: Is age the great new divide?
Klaus van den Berg, Market Researcher / Trend Editor,
Organisator: Management Events

(Trendwatcher) interview AT5

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‘Local residents: ‘Finally the Java street is becoming a nice neighborhood again’
Monday 27th July 2015 | 16:41

TV-item on the gentrification of the Java Street in Amsterdam-East and its upcoming young and trendy entrepreneurs, especially in new horeca concepts.

Watch the item:

Monitor (transition) Social Domain Almere

The first quarterly Monitor (transition) Social Domain Almere 2015 is ready. The department Research & Statistics (in Dutch: O&S) of the Municipality of Almere, one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands, commissioned me to execute and report in-depth interviews with clients.

The full report are available at the following link (in Dutch):

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Member Association for Qualitative Research UK (AQR)

Qualitative research provides an unparalleled understanding of the motivations behind human behaviour, desires and needs. In the UK, the principal authority on the qualitative research industry is the Association for Qualitative Research celebrating its 35 years.

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Klaus van den Berg
Klaus van den Berg BV

Klaus van den Berg works in market research, strategy and trends for companies, public authorities, NGOs and charities in ad-hoc projects and as an interim manager at the client side.

AQR Membership
Klaus has been a Member of the AQR since May 2015.

Notable achievements and contributions
1991 Graduated University of Amsterdam, International Relations
1991 First qualitative job at Schreuders, Petrescu & Partners
2008 Global assessment ‘Qualitative Revolution’, HQ BAT, London, UK
2012 The revolution of the iSociety Dutch Ministry of the Interior
2013 The New Pioneering Municipality of Almere, Netherlands
2014 Represented as public speaker by The Speaker’s Academy

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TrendWatching – seminar for a better future

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1 July 2015 09:08
MarketingTribune FOOD & RETAIL
Guest blogger Consumer Research Weblog

MarketingTribune offered me my own blog on market research, strategy and trends. I love to write these kinds of short trend stories. This one is about the global company TrendWatching (90 countries) founded by a Dutch guy and their recent Amsterdam seminar on a better world. Thanks to senior editor and food/retail manager Peter Van Woensel Kooy, nice team and great digital platform to work with!

Trend presentation CMO 30 September 2015

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Spread in L’Officiel Hommes NL. The future? Welcome to the iSociety!
Author Klaus van den Berg
Photo Guy Bourdin, Estate Guy Bourdin, courtesy of Art & Commerce NYC


30.9.2015, Spant!, Bussum
Welcome! Strengthen your business network and share ideas with your peers and colleagues. You will hear inspiring keynotes and meet the most important service providers. The event is free for invitees.

Main themes
Rode Draad: Human 2 Human – Bring back the emotions in your communication
Customer engagement – Use storytelling to keep, fascinate and activate your consumer
Brand Heritage – From brand image to brand meaning
Omni- channel – One experience is the whole customer journey
Predictive data – Real-time anticipation to individual client needs

Examples of speakers

Wouter van der Pol
Sr. Director Global Marketing
Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V.

Fabienne Linschoten
Head of E-Commerce
Makro Cash & Carry Nederland B.V.

Lenze Boonstra
Global Marketing Leader Personal Care
Philips – Consumer Lifestyle

Natasja van Brummelen
Marketingmanager Distributie Pensioen
Ohra / Delta Lloyd

Viktor van der Wijk
Director Digital Marketing
Air France/KLM group

Klaus van den Berg
Market Researcher / Trend Editor

Annette Reijersen
Manager Brand & Sponsoring
Delta Lloyd – Leven Nederland

Niek van Leeuwen
Uber Nederland

What is the target group of this event?
Commercial Director, Sales Director, CMO, Director Marketing, Customer Service Director


Hot or Not? Trend bullets 2015

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MarketingTribune 12/01/2015: ‘Protest movements are out this year. Peace movements, however, are hot in 2015. Klaus van den Berg, working in market research, strategy and trends for companies, public authorities, NGOs and charities has outlined the main new trends of the year ahead offering a succinct summary of what is ‘hot’ or ‘not’ in 2015.’

Hot – Not 2015
Cakes – Superfood
Lumbersexual – Metrosexual
Vloggers – Bloggers
The New Introverts – Nerds
Wefie – Selfie
Human value – Monetary value
Cotton bags – Plastic bags
Democratic experiences – Populism
Mobile homes – Empty offices
Artvertising – Advertising
Meine güte – OMG
Normcore – Fashion confusion
Self-made – Ready-made
Basic income – Unemployment
Identity – Profile
Smocktails – Smoothies
Natural – Fake
Peace movements – Protest movements
Inclusive – Exclusive
Flexitarians – Meat eaters
Generation Z – Mini-me
Branding heritage – The mantra of the new
City neighbourhoods – Cities
No-Photoshop Clause – Computer-manipulated body
Bun – Ponytail
Dark social – Big Data
Pioneering – Benchmarking
Basics – Glamour
Ageless – Anti-aging
Grassroots – Top-down
Local bar – Grand-Café
Content – Form
Transition – Efficiency
Invisible brands – Visible brands
Moustache – Beard
The Caring Economy – The Sharing Economy

Source: © Klaus van den Berg, 2015. The Speaker’s Academy represents him as a speaker.

Branding Heritage Cover MarketingTribune

Article of Klaus van den Berg published on the cover of MarketingTribune 16th December 2014: ‘Horecatrend in Amsterdam: Branding Heritage’. The title is ‘Hip hip horeca! The old-fashioned cosiness in Amsterdam-East’ and the header ‘Vintage is the future’. Big compliments to the team and the graphic designer for the fantastic lay-out!

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Youth Icons 2015 MarketingTribune

Peter van Woensel Kooij publishes the Dutch youth trends 2015 in MarketingTribune 16 december 2014: Superfast vlogging, breaking chains and back to the content, including the trend forecast of Klaus van den Berg. This is the 19th annual publication of Youth Icons by the same author. Last year the Youth Icons 2014 has been read 120.000 times on the site of MarketingTribune.

‘The new trends among the young in 2015 can be summed up as the new normality’, according to trend watcher Klaus van den Berg. ‘The New Introverts are emerging who have both feet firmly on the ground of modern life. The new fashion is normcore, presenting yourself as normally and openly as possible. The previous extreme dream world of online polished self-representation is being replaced by presenting a more discreet, aware and introverted life style that offers a sound and realistic impression of yourself, both online and offline.

The metrosexual man has a new rival in the form of the lumbersexual, a man with original working boots, certainly no skinny jeans, plaid shirts and a beard, with a touch or shade of a moustache for the real trendsetters. Generation Z girls also opt for a tougher look in this outdoorsy-based style, albeit one with a cotton bag with an alternative chic message for a better, more aware and organic world.’

The following links published the Youth Icons 2015 online:





Book publication future report

My report ‘The new pioneering’ on the qualitative future perception research for the Municipality of Almere is published in the book ‘State of the city’. The book features the think agenda 2014-2019 for the new program plans of the Mayor en her Aldermen.




Trend insert in Reformational Daily

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 17.51.05

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 15.17.54

Dille & Kamille stands for back to basics. This is in line with several current trends. Making things yourself, for example, and paying attention to the provenance of products.

Trend researcher Klaus van den Berg notes that for many years the sustainability of the living environment was a social topic, but that it is gradually turning into a consumer issue. “Buying for a better world is becoming increasingly important.” A store like Dille & Kamille taps into this.

Another development that Van den Berg has identified is that the Dutch continue to withdraw into their own environment. “In the 1990s we were still busy with the world, right now people tend to focus on their own street and their own neighbourhood. The kitchen is a perfect example of a place where you are the boss and where it’s safe.”

The fact that Dille & Kamille doesn’t advertise could be a contributing factor to the appreciation felt for the brand, in Van den Berg’s opinion. “Dille & Kamille is true to its own principles. In this day and age people value authenticity. They may be tired of brands that are launched (in the market) with a huge marketing budget. The internet makes it all more transparent. People know very well that ultimately they are the ones footing the bill.”

Article ‘Nothing with a plug’ in the weekend special of the Reformational Daily, The Netherlands.
31-05-2014 / page 14 / section Conscious.

(c) Reformatorisch Dagblad 2014 all rights reserved
Reformatorisch Dagblad | 2014-05-31 04:00:00

Trend presentation tour Netherlands

The new trend presentation of market researcher and strategist Klaus van den Berg has led to an ongoing trend tour in The Netherlands. His next trend presentation will be on 19 June in Amsterdam. This presentation is open to the public and press.

8 April 2014: From Trends to Future
Launch of the trend presentation at the Marketing & Strategy Table of the Royal Dutch Industrial Society (Koninklijke Industrieele Grote Club) in Amsterdam for 100 IGC members and their guests.

17 April 2014: Trends, insights & shops of tomorrow
Speaker at meeting for 25 Dutch retail professionals in Hilversum.

20 May 2014: Dille & Kamille press day
Speaker at the launch of the workshop space in the recently opened flagship store in Amsterdam of a Dutch retail chain in The Netherlands and Belgium for 45 Dutch lifestyle and food journalists, editors and bloggers.

12 June 2014: T-Mobile Company Day
Speaker for 20 marketers and analysts in Wijk aan Zee.

19 June 2014: Qualitative researchers: Trend Watchers or Trend Researchers?
Speaker on future research & megatrends at a professional meeting of the Dutch association MOA, Center for Information Based Decision Making & Marketing Research in Amsterdam. This presentation is open to the public and press.

Future perception research Almere


With a view to the local elections in March 2014, the previous Municipal Executive of Almere made sure that the new Municipal Executive would be able to adopt new (area) programme plans soon after being installed in 2014. These plans analyse the functioning of the different urban districts, ambitions for the future, mid-term goals and the specific projects for attaining those goals.

Over the past months the State of Almere report was prepared based on several studies, which included both statistical and qualitative research. For the qualitative research, a series of urban dialogues were organised. At a large number of meetings with 135 stakeholders, questions about the state of Almere and the issues that require special attention were discussed at length. The results were drawn up in the report entitled ‘The New Pioneering’. The results of the qualitative and statistical studies were incorporated into an Agenda of Ideas for 2014-2019. This agenda does not pretend to offer a comprehensive view, but it places possible issues and tasks on the agenda of the next local administration.

The central research question of the qualitative urban dialogues was: What are the perceptions of internal and external stakeholders about the future of the city of Almere? To answer this question, in-depth interviews were conducted with the following target groups: active residents from four urban districts, sports & culture, religion & charity, schoolchildren & students, ethnic groups, education front-liners, care & welfare, street front-liners, entrepreneurs (retailers and non-retailers), policy officials, front-line civil servants, political party chairpersons, the Municipal Executive and the Future Group. The urban meetings were organised, conducted and reported on by Klaus van den Berg, market researcher and strategist.

Klaus van den Berg: “I would like to thank the Municipality of Almere, my clients and those monitoring the discussions for this exciting research project. I hugely enjoyed working with all of them. I would also like to extend my special thanks to the participants in the Urban Meetings for their voluntary and impressive contributions to this study on behalf of their city, Almere. I hope to meet all those involved with the research project, both within and outside the Municipality of Almere, again in the future and to have a chance to work with them once more.”

Mobile revolution MarketingTribune




Marketing Analysis: The mobile revolution is knocking at the door

The example mentioned by Sandor Frans may be groundbreaking, but at the same time it illustrates how invasive location based marketing can be. Market researcher and strategist Klaus van den Berg is therefore of the opinion that firms producing mobile privacy protection software will really take off over the next few years. ‘The Dutch want to know what’s going on, they want to be contactable at all times and they are very price-conscious, but on the other hand they increasingly long to get away from all that and have offline quality time. I believe that smart entrepreneurs will cater for that need on the part of mobile consumers.’

‘The vast majority of consumers nevertheless feel that mobile devices hold an exciting promise of the future, according to a study that Van den Berg carried out into trends and developments within the information society (commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs). ‘People feel that they can benefit from it, they find that it makes their lives easier and it gives them a sense of freedom. The Netherlands is, after all, one of the most online countries in the world.’

Pictures try-out trend presentation IGC

Tuesday, 8 April 2014, 6-9.30 pm, Marketing & Strategy Table, ‘From trends to future’ in the Royal Industrial Grand Club Amsterdam (ICG).

Organiser Carina van der Kloet and speaker Klaus van den Berg during the preparations for the trend presentation about the megatrends of the information society, the iSociety, and the visual trend hypothesis about the new megatrend Branding Heritage.








Trend presentation IGC in grand salon


Due to many reservations the trend presentation of Klaus van den Berg in the IGC in Amsterdam on 8 April has been relocated from the library (max 65 guests) to the grand salon (max 120 guests) due to many reservations. By doing so, there is no need for a waiting list anymore. You can make your reservations.

The talk and discussion with the audience will be in Dutch. The visual trend presentation is subtitled in English.

Seatings are limited. Reservations: Carina van der Kloet,

Klaus van den Berg is market researcher en works for companies, public authorities, NGOs and charities. He published trends in magazines like Avenue, Blvd, DutcH and L’Officiel Hommes NL.

18.00 – 19.00 hrs Drinks
19.00 – 20.00 hrs Trend presentation
20.15 – 22.00 hrs Dinner, € 36,50. You can pin. Cash payment is not possible.

The new Zeitgeist


In response to several requests regarding current and future trends, market researcher Klaus van den Berg has produced a visual presentation of our changing times and will shortly present his findings to two associations in Amsterdam. On 8 April 2014 he is invited to speak at the Royal Dutch Industrial Society (Koninklijke Industrieele Grote Club) and on 19 June 2014 he will give a presentation during a special afternoon focusing on ‘Qualitative Researchers: Trend Watchers or Trench Researchers?’ organised by the MOA (Center for Information Based Decision Marking & Marketing Research).

Pointing out the leading trends of the evolving information society, Van den Berg will spotlight trendsetters, hipsters and ‘early minorities’ in Western Europe. He will identify activating social engagement as a new bond between different generations and target groups and talk about innovative forms of co-branding based on the new sharing economy of the future. He will also highlight the recent upcoming trend from ‘advertising’ to ‘artvertising’ in the creative industries, showing key European examples for the global market.

According to Van den Berg, “Ever since the start of the economic crisis Dutch experts, professionals, citizens and consumers have been talking about the present as a kind of transitional period towards a new era. Expectations about the next five years can be summarised as a digital promise of information sharing with both benefits and drawbacks and with privacy becoming an increasingly important issue. A striking newcomer to the current trend spectrum is the re-evaluation of the past as a safe, emotional haven, and as a compass in this rocky digital, mobile era. Branding Heritage will be the new trend for people, brands and organisations who want to keep hearts and minds interested and committed for the years to come.”

The presentation is a quick trend update lasting 15 minutes. Klaus van den Berg owns the copyright to the images in the trend presentation. The trend presentation is available on request to clients, event organisers and journalists who would like to ponder the Zeitgeist of the coming years.

More information on the two trend presentations in Amsterdam:

Recommendations of the working document on the current trends and future developments of the Dutch information society, the iSociety, commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations:

Fake press release Rambam in NRC

The Dutch VARA TV-broadcast Rambam, produced by CCCP, used a fake press release of the non-existing agency and action group Brandsetters, pretending to communicate for the clothing company Coolcat. Brandsetters is the trading name I used for projects with Illya Soffer, consulting companies, public authorities, NGOs and charities. In 2001 I registered the trading name Brandsetters at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. Klaus van den Berg and Illya Soffer are not related to this fake press release of the VARA TV-broadcast Rambam in any way. We are not responsible for any damage caused by this fake press release of the TV-show.

Youth icons 2014 MarketingTribune

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 20.27.29

MarketingTribune, the Dutch marketing journal has published Klaus van den Berg’s youth trends forecast for 2014 in issue 22 of 17 December 2013. This year the eighteenth publication of this annual youth trends special by Peter van Woensel Kooy is called “Youth Icons 2014 – Exit One-Sided Solidarity by ‘Twerking’ Generation Now.” You can read the underlying forecast about youth trends 2014 by Klaus van den Berg in the current Marketing Tribune issue.

“Young adults are very positive go-getters, despite or perhaps because of the crisis. They are extremely well-informed. This is the first generation that has only lived in a world with the internet. Facebook will continue to be popular, but within the social media world there will increasingly be more sub-groups of young adults to which the older generation and small children have no access. Facebook Messenger has taken over the role of email. While young adults in the Netherlands may still ask you if you are on Facebook, young adults in New York instead tend to ask if you are on Instagram. Many Apps, such as Spotify, are nevertheless still linked to your Facebook account. What’s-Apping within closed groups will gain in popularity. Location-based dating Apps such as Tinder are no longer a social taboo. Online privacy protection will be the main trend of 2014. This encourages the use of Snapchat. And of Vine too, which has the added value of a minimum age limit of 17 years. Accordingly, this is an App for adults, not for children.”

“Trendsetters among young adults are eagerly awaiting the future Smart Society and literally use that word when describing their dream for the future. The large group of followers predicts that our society will increasingly become an online society. There is a small group of young adults, however, that deserves in-depth trend research and who are in fact deserting social media and Apps in order to have real, i.e. offline, experiences and social contacts. They no longer want to be followed by acquaintances and corporations due to privacy reasons and instead value personal contacts and wandering around physical shops, albeit that they compare the prices to online prices. They voluntarily swap their smart phones for simple Nokia handsets. They long for more peace and quiet and concentration in their life while at the same time keeping costs down due to lack of money.”

Klaus van den Berg is engaged in market research, strategy and trends for companies, public authorities, NGOs and charities in the Netherlands and abroad. He has published about trends in leading lifestyle magazines such as Avenue, Blvd, DutcH, Vogue, ZOO and L’Officiel Hommes NL. As a trend watcher he has frequently commented on trends on radio, TV and at meetings and conferences.

Report iSociety in media

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 20.35.01

Current media attention for trend report in national and international media

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Affairs recently published the working document called ‘The (r)evolution of the iSociety’ online. This exploratory document signals current and future developments in the Dutch information society, the iSociety. It was researched and written by Klaus van den Berg, an independent market researcher and strategist who works for the corporate sector, public authorities, NGOs and not-for-profits both in the Netherlands and abroad.

In this trend report on social change Van den Berg identifies six fundamental megatrends in the Dutch iSociety:
1) The ageing population and social fragmentation
2) Blurring borders, both offline and online
3) Control over the tenability of the living environment
4) New online risks and security
5) The Network Society
6) The Intelligent Age

In the Netherlands several leading media have focused attention on the trend report. They include Frankwatching, Dutchcowboys and Secondsight. The report has also attracted international attention from publications such as Focus and IBM Experts Computerwoche in Germany, the Innovator’s Guide LPN in Switzerland and The Qualitative Report in the United States.

You can download the entire working document in Dutch via:

You can download the brief recommendations from the working document in English here:
Recommendations working document The (r)evolution of the iSociety November 2012 Online Publication

The latest issue of the international men’s style magazine L’Officiel Hommes NL #5, the Spring/Summer 2013 issue, features a trend file by Klaus van den Berg on the future of the Dutch iSociety that speaks to a wide audience. This issue also contains an exclusive interview with Boudewijn Steur, the iSociety-iGovernment project manager at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs. In this interview Van den Berg discusses with Steur the future of the Dutch information government, the iGovernment. L’Officiel Hommes NL is for sale in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Hommes5-440x576 cover

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 20.46.07

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 20.48.49

LOHNL 5 ad klaus van den berg isociety DEF

Trend report iSociety online

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 20.33.33

The Netherlands Ministry of the Interior publishes trend report online

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Affairs has published the working document called ‘The (r)evolution of the iSociety’ online. This document is part of the exploration of the Ministry’s Department of Citizenship & Information Policy into trends and developments in society for the iGovernment. The relevant megatrends for the iGovernment are the ageing population and fragmentation, offline and online fading borders, new online risks and security, the Network Society and the Intelligent Age. This exploration focuses on whether the iGovernment is responding sufficiently to these trends, on the course towards the iSociety.

In May 2012 Klaus van den Berg, market researcher, strategist and trend editor, was commissioned to prepare this working document. The combination of the gradual digital evolution over the past twenty years and the rapid digital revolution in recent years can be described as the (r)evolution of the iSociety. Mobile internet in particular has radically changed our way of living, working, thinking and acting. And the younger the generation, the more they live their lives online. The report, among other things, provides insights into the implications these developments have for our privacy and the protection of our personal data.

This document will be used to strengthen the discussion – both within and outside the Ministry – about the significance these trends and developments in the iSociety have for the iGovernment. This is an important issue in Dutch society, right now and for the (near) future. We would like to invite you to participate in this discussion by means of editorial coverage, interviews and/or other initiatives.

Klaus van den Berg: “The Netherlands is one of the most online countries in the world. Because this working document has been published online, everyone can download and share it. I would like to express my gratitude to the Dutch experts, professionals and citizens who have taken part in this trend study. The iSociety is high on the agenda in our country. The time is now.”

Download a summary of the report’s recommendations in the English language at:
Recommendations working document The (r)evolution of the iSociety November 2012 Online Publication

Download the full report in the Dutch language at: